Marzyłam o białej sukni ślubnej od dziecka.
Mój sen spełnił się 17 czerwca 2008.

Ten dzień zapamiętam na całe życie, a mój blog to pamiętnik dla takich jak ja.

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22 November Bride opowiada mi tak:
I am in the process of developing my own wedding planning business and have got many things worked out except for timing. Just a few questions - how long does a wedding planner need to plan a wedding? Is there a specific amount of time the wedding planner should plan the wedding in? How often should the planner meet with the client and over what length of time? Just anything at all about timing and wedding planning would be great. What is the best way to do it? Also, I am going to be a more budget-friendly planner, not charging heaps so any marketing advice would be helpful too. Anything you know is much appreciated. Thanks!